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Integrates our cutting-edge AI Operational Optimizer with exclusive, personalized coaching from industry leaders. This service is crafted for businesses striving for unparalleled sales and operational success.


Crafted for businesses seeking to establish a strong market presence through compelling offers, engaging content, and tested strategies. Tailored specifically to your niche, this service ensures that your marketing efforts are both effective and highly targeted.


Strategic approach to sales excellence and operational efficiency. Transform your sales journey with our comprehensive suite, designed for businesses aiming for growth and innovation



Ownership Portifolio

Gracie Barra Simi Valley

With our 850 students GBSV seats as the biggest or one of the biggest GB's in the world. The leap from 650 to 850 students was only achieved by streamlining our marketing, sales process and levaraging AISA. This change increased our appointment booking by 2,5x. Today over 85% of our appointments are booked by AISA.

Baker's Daughter's

Leveraging a powerful blend of targeted marketing strategies, a software to boost sales, we transformed our bakery into the most frequented establishment in our region in just one year. The development of a website optimized with tools designed to achieve top rankings in search results, coupled with compelling advertisements that effectively attracted visitors to our site emerged as a formidable tool in driving our revenue growth.

Gracie Barra Oxnard

The proven model! GB Oxnard finished the 1st month with a fantastic achievement of 203 students (+50k recuring revenue). The growth continued and by the 4th month we reached 300 students - time of current writting. GBO was born out of the total confidence of the effectiviness of our model. Over 90% of our meetings/intros were booked by AISA (Artificial Inteligence Sales Assistant)


Recent Results

Gracie Barra San Clemente

Gracie Barra San Clemente, saw an impressive 30% increase in revenue over just two months of collaboration. How? Through Pipeline SA. First, our lead-generation service acted like a magnet, pulling in people interested in Jiu-Jitsu. Then, our smart buddy, AISA, got to work, sifting through these leads to find the gold. And to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks, our workflows kept everything smooth and running

Gracie Barra Spokane Valley

In January, an unprecedented milestone was reached with an astounding 27 new students signing up, setting a new record for monthly enrollments. AISA fast engagement with the leads was essencial for appointments to be booked and sales to happen

Gracie Barra West Lancaster

Before implementing Pipeline, the school averaged 4.7 new student sign-ups per week. Post-Pipeline, this number soared to an impressive 10.1, marking a significant increase in enrollment rates. Within just two months, the school enrolled 81 new students. This period also witnessed a 22% boost in revenue, adding $21,075.92 to their financials, thanks to the system's efficiency in generating 55 new leads and achieving a 64% conversion rate.



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